Work in Progress

Written By: Sarah Huffer

I finally get it.

Let me start a few months before the revelation, though…or this blog post will be really short.

I left a job I really loved. Late nights, celebrities, fast paced, and creative. It had all the specialness and excitement I needed. I have to be special. Ordinary eats me alive.

My work life was running swell! However, I have a young family. With my time away on weekends and nights, we struggled to be together. All of us together. I knew this job wasn’t my “calling”, but I was okay with that trade. Missing out on my family wasn’t working for any of us. I left.

I interviewed for one of those adult jobs and started right away. This job was miserable. The atmosphere was stale. The people were stagnant. Even the building structure seemed to complain. I sat at a desk everyday. Miserable. Unchallenged. Disenchanted.

I questioned how I got here. All these years, all these decisions…led me here, why? I have avoided this very place my entire life. It sucks here. Its lame. I want to staple my fingers to my face just to go home early. It is THE worst.


I needed my tools. My strengths shine by manipulating negative energy and transforming perception. I’m just brilliant at it. Even my blood type is B positive! I’m not bragging. I have over 12 years of experience and research. I am qualified. Besides, I know YOU have a talent! It is not arrogant to announce you are a gifted birthday party planner, number magician, or a champion chef. You either got it or you don’t (besides we are safe to say what we want here)!

I needed a shift. I requested a miracle.

I wrote out all the pros and cons of the new workplace. Pen to paper can be healing. I find writing lists and hashing it out there solves things for me. I can also find this peace from listening to music. Not playing an instrument or singing the lines. I am not good at either of those things. Allowing that musical and emotional energy to travel through my bones saves me.

That was one cool thing about this job. I was in a cubicle, undisturbed, and able to listen to my music and inspirational books ALL day! I read over 40 audio books in 2 months(I am fully aware you do not read an audio book) !! It’s all the same though 🙂 I was going through some intense spiritual training.

My miracle arrived. My prayer answered. Divinely guided to the exact place I was supposed to be. The Universe is always clever like that. God had been trying to get me alone.

I need to provided a little history real quick: I want to help people! I want to contribute to the light in this world in a really BIG way!!

God, the Universe, Science, Spirit, or whatever you believe in knew I needed to sit my ass down if I was ever going to achieve my vision! I had to come here, away from distraction, return “home”, in the presence of my tribe energy/soul group who lightens my heart, where I can remember my divine appointment. I was in need of filling my soul back up. I refueled it-everyday-at work-with my music, workshops, and inspirational books. I was finally being paid to do exactly what I love with no compromise or sacrifice. That was my first step.

This blog is my next step. You are my next step.

We will be forever evolving here. This blog will change and grow. The message will shift. The energy will transform. A living work in progress.

The intention will always be the heartbeat. To show up and shine bright so others may do the same. Share love instead of fear. Always lift others up, never down.


Thank you for reading this. Thank you for following. Thank you for showing up.

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