Your Grudge is Ruining You

“Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die” -unknown

People can be sh*tty. We all know that! Anyone who has been in public understands this. Anyone who has been involved in a relationship, ever, can agree. Your upset at your mother in law, because she made a remark about the cleanliness of your home, your sister commented about your midsection size in that dress, and your childhood best friend for stealing the love of your life. All these reasons are justified. However, it’s causing severe distress in your life.

Negativity directly affects universal energy

It’s dangerous to walk around with hate, grudges, and negative energy in your heart. When you walk in a room all that trash walks in with you. Some of us energy sensitive folks can smell you from a mile away! Each person you encounter is imprinted with that smudge from your ex-boyfriend. This smudge gives those people permission to pass on their negative energy. Ever stepped into the Department of Motor Vehicles on a busy Monday? YIKES! Share light not shadow!

Besides we all know the universal law that what you think about becomes. Like attracts like. You attract what you think about. I know what you’re saying, “If this is true. How come I haven’t won the lottery?” My response would be, “How many times have you thought about winning the lottery compared to if you will have enough money for your electric bill or how bad you need a new coffee pot or what an asshole your boss is? This is a post for another day, but to finish the thought how much action or energy to invest in the thought? The second part of believing is doing!

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You are poisoning yourself, not them

“Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die,” -unknown

You make yourself sick over thoughts about this person. You are drinking poison over and over. Each minute spent before bed plotting your revenge or imagining a scenario where you can tell them off the way you originally should have is compromising your health! That person can’t feel the anger you have for them. Only you can. Boiling toxic energy and rage inside to damage someone else is insane!

Set yourself free

We already know your internal pain is not hurting your nemesis. Break the obsession and grant yourself the freedom you deserve from it. Do not engage in the negative activity. Consider it universally handled. A non-reaction does not mean you chose to do nothing. It means you decided to reject the poison the contender has provided and remain in the positive state you naturally are. The best revenge is accompanied by kindness. The day you walk into work and are not bothered by your coworkers attempt to one up your efforts is the day you become Batman! Do not be a victim to circumstance. Don’t be someone whose mood swirls like the wind according to how everyone else woke up this morning. Control what you put in your heart and your whole life will change drastically! The vampires will not be interested in pushing your buttons, anymore. The Universe will award your efforts. Everyone will notice your powerful positive energy is untouchable and you will live happily ever after just crushing it at life!


I get nowhere being big and scary. I have no power in force and punishment. I get no reward for time spent on a grudge. I am the only sufferer. It’s a weird vendetta between me and the hologram of my enemy. My target may hear 5 percent of how I feel but I hear it ALL. I take all that poison. They are unaware I wake up at 3 a.m. hating them. I do. My poison. They don’t know that tv show reminds me of them. I do. My poison.

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Freeing them will free you. You bless the whole situation by freeing them/yourself.
The barista at the Starbucks. I free her. My best friend’s father who never trusted me, I free him. No matter how stupid it sounds! Free the police officer that pulled you over even though others were going faster. Officer prick is free. Free your husband for not noticing your new hair cut…and not taking out the trash…and leaving the milk out…you get the idea.

bird escape

Free the people who have upset you, so you can be free! Your freedom is more valuable than keeping them prisoner. Do it for yourself. Take the opportunity to eliminate the baggage. There is no extra time to waste on sh*tty people. Besides, you have wonderful ideas to think up, traveling plans to make, and light to shine on this world! Focus on that!

Written By: Sarah Huffer

Succeed At Failing

Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I WILL find it!

 By: Sarah Huffer

I left another job. Looking closer into the situation I’m fearful I’ll never find my spot. Although, all my jobs have felt like home…deep down I know I’m just a tourist. 

Jack of all trades by now. I’m really struggling in the employment area of my life. I sway whether I need to listen to my inner guidance or that my voice is just a spoiled brat. The really fun part is I get to pick the perception.

I’ve decided I’m going to give whatever this is a shot. Whatever this is that calls me, I’m going to listen and see where it takes me. I’ve realized nothing actually takes ME, I take it where IT wants to go. I’m not going to follow anymore. I’m going to lead…for once in my life. I’m going to stand up brave and say “here we go, are you down?” 

And life is ecstatic I finally understand what it’s been saying for YEARS! 

I’ve been so scared to fail. Pretty ironic for a walking wild card. All my carefully planned pieces only get me what I can see. It’s time to take my risks and just screw this all up!Wow! You totally tanked that workshop last night. What a shitty story you wrote or you literally helped zero people.I want embarrassed reactions and I feel sorry for you e-mails.Who knows maybe the dice will land right and I will reach places I can’t even imagine!   I will grow from there.

I’m naturally good at many things, I’m scared shitless to think there might be something I suck at. I’m going to find that thing.

I can feel myself start to curl up. Negotiate about getting too big and justifying the benefits of being small. My inwards already do not like these very ideas written on paper.

There is no safety net to protect me from this. No pillow to soften the fall. I haven’t felt this way since I was 18 trucking to Florida from Indiana alone. I knew how big it was then, almost like I had no choice.

I have to keep reminding myself that the Universe wants to support me. Believes in me. Loves me. 

I’m going to give failing a shot…maybe I’ll succeed. Either outcome will be better than staying the same.

Work in Progress

Written By: Sarah Huffer

I finally get it.

Let me start a few months before the revelation, though…or this blog post will be really short.

I left a job I really loved. Late nights, celebrities, fast paced, and creative. It had all the specialness and excitement I needed. I have to be special. Ordinary eats me alive.

My work life was running swell! However, I have a young family. With my time away on weekends and nights, we struggled to be together. All of us together. I knew this job wasn’t my “calling”, but I was okay with that trade. Missing out on my family wasn’t working for any of us. I left.

I interviewed for one of those adult jobs and started right away. This job was miserable. The atmosphere was stale. The people were stagnant. Even the building structure seemed to complain. I sat at a desk everyday. Miserable. Unchallenged. Disenchanted.

I questioned how I got here. All these years, all these decisions…led me here, why? I have avoided this very place my entire life. It sucks here. Its lame. I want to staple my fingers to my face just to go home early. It is THE worst.


I needed my tools. My strengths shine by manipulating negative energy and transforming perception. I’m just brilliant at it. Even my blood type is B positive! I’m not bragging. I have over 12 years of experience and research. I am qualified. Besides, I know YOU have a talent! It is not arrogant to announce you are a gifted birthday party planner, number magician, or a champion chef. You either got it or you don’t (besides we are safe to say what we want here)!

I needed a shift. I requested a miracle.

I wrote out all the pros and cons of the new workplace. Pen to paper can be healing. I find writing lists and hashing it out there solves things for me. I can also find this peace from listening to music. Not playing an instrument or singing the lines. I am not good at either of those things. Allowing that musical and emotional energy to travel through my bones saves me.

That was one cool thing about this job. I was in a cubicle, undisturbed, and able to listen to my music and inspirational books ALL day! I read over 40 audio books in 2 months(I am fully aware you do not read an audio book) !! It’s all the same though 🙂 I was going through some intense spiritual training.

My miracle arrived. My prayer answered. Divinely guided to the exact place I was supposed to be. The Universe is always clever like that. God had been trying to get me alone.

I need to provided a little history real quick: I want to help people! I want to contribute to the light in this world in a really BIG way!!

God, the Universe, Science, Spirit, or whatever you believe in knew I needed to sit my ass down if I was ever going to achieve my vision! I had to come here, away from distraction, return “home”, in the presence of my tribe energy/soul group who lightens my heart, where I can remember my divine appointment. I was in need of filling my soul back up. I refueled it-everyday-at work-with my music, workshops, and inspirational books. I was finally being paid to do exactly what I love with no compromise or sacrifice. That was my first step.

This blog is my next step. You are my next step.

We will be forever evolving here. This blog will change and grow. The message will shift. The energy will transform. A living work in progress.

The intention will always be the heartbeat. To show up and shine bright so others may do the same. Share love instead of fear. Always lift others up, never down.


Thank you for reading this. Thank you for following. Thank you for showing up.